Portland a Month


My One Month Anniversary as a Portlander

(apparently they frown on being called Portlandians ha ha)


Thinking about how much has happened in one month is a little staggering. So much elation, so much upheaval, no regrets, a little longing.


What would I long for? The list is long:


  1. Knowing where the hell I am.
  2. Having a rolodex of friends I can call to meet me at the trail head.
  3. Knowing where the trail head is.
  4. Knowing how to get health insurance (I swear, there are ZERO PPO’s here.)
  5. Don’t even get me started on trying to figure out the recycling system here. All I can tell is they DO NOT LIKE TRASH. But they are so tricky about plastic, or bottles, or paper, or what is allowed to mingle with what. I remember when I used to go down to my Mom’s house, I got so confused about what was trash and what was recycling, that I would just collect the trash in a bag and taking it home where I knew which was black and which was green. This requires a 3 page manual and I am sure that I’m still doing it wrong.
  6. Getting hugged. That used to happen a lot.
  7. Restaurants with over 10 items on their menu.
  8. Diet Coke. Of course, it would stand to reason that these guys think you should drink “healthy” (ie, gross) Colas. And when was the last time you saw “RC Cola” on the menu? See what I’m dealing with?
  9. People who knew people who could help me with things. This living alone thing isn’t all its cracked up to be.



But, by the very same token and on the other side of the emotion palette, there is so much that I am thrilled about experiencing. The list would be longer than the one above, but I’ll just name 9 to keep things even.


  1. Clouds and skies that would blow your mind, and I realize it’s not winter, but I’m just gobsmacked by the display.
  2. Gorgeous trees and forested parks and a whole new crop of flowers and landscaping. Eye candy on walks.
  3. Nothing is more than 20 minutes away. I’ll let that one sink in, and you can re-catch your breaths or suppress your jealousy.
  4. People wear jeans and Gortex EVERYWHERE.
  5. Thrift stores on EVERY block.
  6. Can’t pump your own gas, and with 20 minute trips, visits to the pump are much less frequent
  7. Legal weed, although ironically, I’m smoking less now.
  8. One hour to the coast or to Mount Hood and the drives to both are beyond my wildest dreams
  9. A RIVER RUNS THROUGH IT. The land of 9 bridges. I can’t tell you the thrill I get crossing over the Willamette.



So, I think I’ll stay. Come visit. The guest room is ready.



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