C’est Moi

Judy Silk is a first generation Californian. (wait, Webmaster, is there such a thing? Makes me sound like an immigrant or something. That’s cool I guess. My parents were anything but adventurers, but I’m glad they saw their way to moving here before my birth.) A stable childhood spent in and out of Disneyland, and a zesty early adulthood in Santa Cruz have contributed to the wide ranging talents that Judy brings to this website. (Webmaster, do people really think that someone besides me is writing this? It’s hard for me to be so impersonal. Well, I’ll try.)

Judy has always loved, loved, loved the arts. She has acted since she’s 5, and graced the comedy stages starting at 55. Something about 5 she must like. She started her writing career, on, wait for it, Facebook. Seriously. She did. She would quip, ooze out her heart that sat right there on her sleeve, and people responded. She felt that she hit some kind of chord. So, Judy dove right in. Fate stepped in, in the form of an invitation from the editor of the Divorce section of the Huffington Post, to put her essays into the hands of a diverse cross section of readers, as well as some divorce attorney in Jersey who put one piece on his website, I kid you not.

This Webventure will be a mishmash with lazer focus. I want you to know you are NOT ALONE. Whether you are in love or are alone, whether you have been touched by cancer, (and who hasn’t) or have lost a darling, I hope to speak to you, to your hearts, to your hopes, to your senses of humor. I have a piece inside called “Joy and Sadness Live in the Same Moment.” That is my overarching theme.

I (ok, I admit, it has been me all this time) invite you to read, share, buy (oh yes, there will be products), comment and enjoy. I know it will be a joy for me.