Who roasts chestnuts on an open pit Jack Daniels nipping at your throats Annoying carols being sung by the kids Why are they dressed like eskimos? Everybody knows the turkey and the pumpkin pie Help to make your stomach burn Tiny tots with their fists full of junk Will find it hard to stop their…Continue Reading

That’s the thing about being Specific

My favorite movie of all time is Out of Africa. One of my favorite lines (and I have many, including “Sh, shoo, shooooooot her!”)is “When the Gods want to punish us, they answer our prayers.” I should have paid attention, as that same kind of prediction has come along to bite me on several occasions.…Continue Reading

86. Foiled Again

How lucky are we, my kids and I, that we have my parents in our lives? From the time both my kids were born, they’ve been there. Actually, I had to kick them out of the delivery room when I started to push Alice out 18 years ago. They’d stuck with me through labor, all…Continue Reading

Take a picture. It lasts longer. Or does it?

First I have to say, Happy Anniversary to Me and Dan. 3 years. We’re going out to dinner tonight. (Beats our last two celebrations; colonoscopy prep and spending the day in an airplane.) Being Saturday, we each have our own little things to do that bring us joy in the morning hours. He typically wakes…Continue Reading

Off to College

My oldest daughter is about to head off for college. I get asked a lot, “are you just devastated?” or “oh, I’ll bet you’ll cry won’t you?” Up until a year ago, I’d have laughed both of those off with a rallying cry of “no way. I’m so excited for her. I’ll be happy for…Continue Reading

My 1st 4th of July, PacPal

Believe it or not, what sold me on Pacific Palisades, 15 years ago, wasn’t driving at sunset, seeing the Pacific on a pristine view day. It was driving down Sunset on the days preceding the 4th of July and seeing all the chairs set out on the curbs. We were looking for a home, and…Continue Reading

Our New Dog

Turns out we have a new dog. Hasn’t been 24 hours yet, but already it seems like the act of getting a new dog and bringing him into the house is symbolic for the state of things. Let me explain. Facebook Obsessive: I pretty much start my day with it. I love being connected to…Continue Reading

procrastination and avoidance

My head was spinning just now, so I decided to do a real time brain slice of what it’s like to be me while I avoid something. It’s 10:23. I’ve checked my email, Facebook, Google News, Amazon deal of the day. I’ve gotten Milly off to school (2 hours ago) and taken Alice to Spencers,…Continue Reading

The Day I Met Sam Wanamaker

Performing was my second language. I’d been acting (unofficially) since I was 4. I took it upon myself to entertain my family, my cousins, guests who came to visit, and to the chagrin of my teachers, my classmates as well. I made it official in college and graduate school, earning a BA in theater and…Continue Reading